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Data, Storytelling, and Design

We are SevenGen

Pushing the boundaries of innovation today to leave a growing legacy
for tomorrow and beyond.


M2 Communications

Telling meaningful and data-driven stories that resonate and make real impact. Today, creativity in how we communicate needs to be a quantifiable discussion. We aim to lead this conversation.

Analytics and Software

Media Meter

Data is your new language with Media Meter. One platform to monitor and analyze the world's media. Stay ahead of the competition with real-time data analytics and insights.


Outboxd Solutions

Realize the potential of your spaces. Our work covers both form and function. We are a design and construction company that creates products for both residential and commercial clients.

Business Solutions

Rythmos DB

A knowledge processing outsourcing company that helps media monitoring companies in leveraging data, stories, and software to accelerate their growth in the global market.


A message from
the CEO

We founded 7Gen with the belief that what we build today can have a positive impact for the next seven generations to come. And if we’re even luckier, beyond that as well. Beginning with just a single computer and a few dollars, we’ve come a long way from manually clipping newspapers and struggling to source event furniture, but our passion for innovation remains unchanged. As we continue to grow and develop our businesses, we’ve learned a lot from our success but even more so from our failures.

The three core pillars that we stand for are data, storytelling, and design. Whether it be in our campaigns or our products, our aim is to create a narrative that will have a lasting impact. Our process is grounded in collaboration and an evidence-based approach. We don’t always succeed at this and yet, here we are. That’s because we work with the best and brightest innovators to push the boundaries of what’s possible from a design and communications standpoint.

At 7Gen, we are people-first. We believe that our strength as an organization is only possible through the growth of our people. We used to think that prior experience is everything. But, we noticed that the industry often forgets to provide the experience themselves. It then results in a workforce filled with career veterans that lack fresh perspectives. We want to change this narrative. That’s why we strive to create an environment that nurtures talent and fosters creativity. We can’t build the future without the help of the ones who will partake in it.

We are excited to continue on this journey of creating something meaningful and sustainable. We are committed to listening, learning, and growing together. Our goal is to build something that not only benefits our clients but also the individuals that have helped us reach this point.

Doy Roque

CEO & Co-Founder, SevenGen

Our People

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Executive Officer​

Chief Finance Officer

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Letter from the Founder

Our clients praise us for our great results

“Greatest appreciation to you & your team for the awesome and outstanding job you did for us. The website is just what we wanted, and we were thrilled with the speed your team exercised. We feel privileged to have Hub Coporation as our online marketing partner!”

Doy Roque

CEO & Co-Founder, 7gen